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Data Center

Ritzwebhosting is focused on providing best hosting services to our customers that's why we have our servers on the best data centers of the world. Our servers are connected with the best networks which allowes the websites to run on maximum uptime. At our data centres we have facility of security, power,safety and cooling system .All this ensures that our customers get uninterrupted service.

Servers which ritzwebhosting is providing are fully managed servers so that it gives no headache to the clients and save their cost of putting a technical people at their side. As we are managing and monitoring the servers on behalf of their clients so our clients can do their business without any risk .

On our servers we allow our customers to connect through remote management software and automated OS reloads.
Our Data Centers Location
Our servers are ranging from 20,000 to 80,000 square feet.These data centres are using technology which insures that servers stay cool and secure and up at all times.
Our data centres are fully monitored round the clock 24/7/365 .Servers are monitored very cautiously so that no such big issues can happen. These data centres are managed by technicians which are dedicated to datacenter monitoring which insures the maximum server uptime and enable the functioning of websites properly.